Revitalized by a strong wind, under the spell of a cloudy sky as well as a sunset, delighted by the arrival of a new season. I've always had a weakness for the weather and its whims... In another life I'll be a tornado hunter!


I regularly need to disconnect from the world, to live my own adventures and feel alive. That’s what I suggest you do with adventurers portraits, and that’s why I’ve always loved to travel. What a delight to take the road, discover places for your wedding. Normandy, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Norway! The truth is, I love to follow you wherever the weather is unpredictable.


A little bit of information: I come from a large family of four children. I grew up in Beauce, lived in Ireland for 3 years as an adult, including 2 years with my little boy Eliott. I am addicted to travel, dancing, music (I sing, write, play guitar) and colouring. I have been working for 3 years to reduce my waste, I am a champion at the “that’s what she said” game, and a big tea / herbal tea consumer.

I chose photography for the image, I stayed for the people.
Thank you all for your trust and these last 8 intense years to live from my passion


I am the one who stops walking in the middle of the city, just to stare at the clouds, the one who works her balance on the curb after dropping her son off at school, the one who understands your battles and your feelings in one look.