A year ago, I announced on Facebook that I was in Ireland in mid-May. Nathalie was one of the first people to contact me. My visit was the perfect opportunity for her to organize a portrait session in wedding clothes in the mountains of Wicklow. Nathalie is French, Marcin is Polish. They were then living in Ireland, after meeting in Spain and getting married in Poland.

So, real adventurers, a nice meeting! First of all, I met with them at their place. Then we took the road to the famous guinness lake, whose real name is Lough Tay. Despite a threatening sky, and the cold, we went there. Marcin was frozen!

I leave you with a few words from Nathalie about the experience:

“After the birth of our son and the wedding in Poland, I felt that we would not necessarily stay in Ireland, to return to the mainland to the family (indeed we then moved to Poland 4 months after the big day). So I absolutely wanted to do a photo session in wedding clothes in the Wicklow Mountains to have a beautiful souvenir of Ireland with everything I love: my husband, my adopted country, nature, adventure and my wedding dress!

I had hesitated to put on the lace shoes and heels of the wedding, and I finally finished with my favorite suede flat boots. In addition, these are the shoes that I brought back after the shopping day when I was looking for my wedding shoes and I hadn’t found anything but this pair on sale. I joked that I would put them at the wedding. I thank Typhanie for insisting because it was much more comfortable than heels. The session ended even more comfortably for me without shoes at all because I love walking barefoot! And even if my toes were all pink because of the cold and wind, it was worth it:) !”


I would like you to know that I am returning to Ireland from 6 to 17 June and from 14 to 18 July. So if you’re there at that time, if you want to join me, I’m waiting for your messages!

Portraits of Adventurers, in family, in couple, in development! I look forward to reading your projects and photographing you in beautiful landscapes, I would even say sick landscapes!


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