COUPLE PORTRAITS – Festival Cherbourg En Couleurs

Festival Cherbourg En Couleurs

If you are from Cherbourg, Cotentin, Manche, maybe even Basse-Normandie, you must have heard of this crazy project! By The Cherbouge-toi association and the Preeti school. A great success for this first edition! I really hope you were part of this event! The same day I met Odessa (a talented colleague) and Wilfried, her husband, on the beach of Querqueville for their Adventurers’ Portraits. Well, well, as if by chance… Just a few steps from the festival!

Portraits of Adventurers

Késako? It is a project, a state of mind, an experience, which made me meet many people. Couples, families, women. All more crazy than the others, who decided to capture their complicity in nature, letting the weather define the atmosphere of their portraits. Thanks to you, Adventurers Portraits will soon celebrate their 2nd birthday! Thank you all for your trust!

Crazy idea!

Yeah, but then what does this have to do with the festival? It’s very simple! I decided to get out of my comfort zone and follow a couple into the festival… As a portrait photographer, my role is to put the photographed at ease in front of the camera, for natural and authentic portraits. Like in their bubble! But what happens when you move the bubble in the middle of a festival? A lot of fun apparently! Thank you Odessa and Wil for your trust and courage! 🙂 (between icy water, powder AND flour throwing… ahah, if that’s not a couple of adventurers!)

To discover or rediscover Odessa’s work it is here: photographer specialist pregnancy and newborns
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