Elegant Wedding in Gonneville Castle

14 November 2017

Elegant Wedding in Gonneville Castle

This year, the weather was more than difficult. It has often played tricks on us. It scared us and gave us false joys, able to bring us sunshine all week long to turn castle parks into slush on Saturdays in a few hours. And this french castle wedding in Normandy , did not escape it. But you now know that I am enjoying this weather, that the sun is warming us up or that the drops are with us. The wedding is a day whose authenticity I love to capture and translate the atmosphere of these beautiful moments into images.

As I said, Marie-Charlotte and Solal, did not escape it, water downpours until the end of their secular ceremony and then the lull for the rest of the day. But, what a delight to live this day with them. And I always have a crush on the big days when everything happens in the same place. Especially in a setting like this, for a magnificent wedding at the Château de Gonneville!

You’re a hell of a couple of adventurers, touching and brave, and I love you!

Then, if you want to get an idea of how Marie-Charlotte lived her day, it’s here: Not Enough Cinnamon


And I leave you with the few words she received from her father that touched me a lot!

“It is unanimous, very beautiful performance (excellent choice) a remarkable and complete report. What I remember is a complete understanding of the couple, the event, the place. She knew how to convey exactly the atmosphere of the wedding you wanted, while adding her personal touch. It’s a very beautiful achievement. A wonderful memory for those who were present. Congratulations to all three of you and especially to Typhanie. Many images moved me a lot, with some exceptional pearls. Supreme moments for those who want to prolong the magic. You can congratulate her for me!”

Wedding venue: Château de Gonneville
Groom suit: George & King
Flowers: Margot Lys Fleurs
Make up artist: Marie Martin
Design: French Wedding Belles – Wedding Planner & Designer

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