Engagement Session in Wicklow

You must know by now my love for Ireland. So you can imagine the pleasure it gives me to share this engagement session in Wicklow with you. Made in the mountains, south of Dublin.

After announcing my visit to this country dear to my heart, Gemma and Mark contacted me to take their adventurers portraits. A way to celebrate their recent engagement. We chose the “Guinness Lake” as the backdrop. It takes its name from the colour of its water, and from this fine white beach that reminds us of the foam of this famous beer. In reality, it is “Lough Tay”. That day, the weather was capricious as I like it. A few drops, a lot of wind, incredible clouds.

But my greatest pleasure was to lead the session in English and to meet two beautiful people. At first confused by this type of sessions, they then took a crazy pleasure in letting go, having fun, walking, being themselves without barriers in front of the camera, I stayed 3 days in Ireland, to do 4 sessions, a real happiness! I try the experiment again in July.


I’m going back to cover a wedding in the Nenagh area (hurry!!!!!!!!!). If you are planning to go anywhere in the country, between July 9 and 26, contact me. I will be happy to capture your trip in this wilderness!

I could show you the places where I’ve always dreamed of photographing you. Burren, Connemara, Killarney National Park, Doolin Coast, and so many other places! And why go back to the Wicklow area and go down and step into the water of this famous lake.  🙂

Feel free to share the information with your Irish contacts. The site is now bilingual, just look for the small flag in the menu.

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