Outdoor ceremony in French Castle

First of all, I wanted to tell you about this very special day: this Surville outdoor ceremony in a French Castle. And this wedding, their wedding, which felt like a day in the south of France, plus a mix of far away accents, and a taste of adventure in the dunes. When Elodie and Rodrigo explained to me their plans to get married in Normandy, in Elodie’s native region, and to bring guests from all over the world. I’ve been thrilled. Especially since it is what nourishes me, what attracts me, what fascinates me. Having to communicate in English, discovering the Brazilian accent, detecting the Canadian one, make it seem like I understand Spanish by magic and translate for the hairdresser just by understanding the guest gestures… Good times! But above all, I remember the love, the love of their loved ones, the smile to the ears on the every face. As well as the emotion of the bride and groom, their kindness, the open-mindedness of the whole assembly. In short, short, short! Thank you!!!

What can I say about this outdoor ceremony carefully prepared by their loved ones? In a few words: simplicity, complicity, surprises, music, laughter and dog!

As for the couples portraits, we left the reception area! This is something you dare to do more and more often. And that’s good!  What could be better than to walk away, enjoy each other’s company, breathe the fresh air, make this moment even more magical alongside Mother Nature.

The meeting with Elodie and Rodrigo

Then I wanted to tell you about the first time I met this beautiful couple. Eliott’s still telling me about it! Due to an unforeseen event, he accompanied me, a rare but very pleasant thing. He remained quietly by our side, while we were talking, with a glass of syrup in his hand. Rodrigo pulled a coin out of his ear. Thus, he quickly earned his trust, despite the language barrier, through magic! Sometimes Eliott still talks to me about “my friends”, “you know the ones we saw there, at the café, not far from the sea”. He wants to see my magician friend and the pretty lady again. And it means a lot to me! Because he is right, from that meeting, I knew I would feel privileged, like a friend on the day of their union, and I did. In conclusion, I let you discover for yourself. This will give you a better understanding of what I have, what they have felt, what their guests have experienced.  🙂

Venue: Château de Surville
Food: Un trait de cerise
Flowers: L’atelier fleuri à Bricquebec
Dress: Juste un baiser, Lambert Création
Bride shoes: San Marina
Groom suit: Hugo Boss
Groom shoes: Johnston & Murphy

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