Adventurers portraits – The beginning

31 March 2017

Today, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself. From where comes this desire to make you go on an adventure for your Adventurers Portraits. And why I love the wind, rain, storms, tornadoes!

Adventurers portraits – The beginning

Let’s do it! I have been a portrait photographer in Normandy for 5 years now. And I’ve finally discovered what I want to do and why I care about it

Since I was a child, I have always needed to create my own adventures. Everyday life was not enough for me. I had (and still have) the need to feel more, to live more, everything was a pretext for adventure. I lived my greatest ones hiding under my blanket while devouring books. Then when that wasn’t enough, I wrote my own.

And for the others, it was in my small village that they took place. How to live adventures in a village in the heart of the countryside, with less than 400 inhabitants? My rule was already: to do something that no one else would do at that moment! And this sentence is a little bit the essence of my vision of your portraits. Going to La Hague, at a time when due to a storm everyone is inside. Get up at 6am to see the day rising up in good company…

At the time, I was waiting for my parents to leave to let my imagination run wild. So I took my little sisters with me: picnicking in the trees, hiding in the cornfields. Above all, cover the slide hut of the village hall with all the coats we could find to make a shelter in the rain. Then my favorite activity… Leave!!! Not far, no, but fast! Running, sprinting, as if to scream my freedom! And come back with a light heart.

And when the bad weather accompanied me, my sensations were tenfold! The sound of the wind, its strength, its freedom, its energy. I envied it and identified myself at the same time, and once I discovered Pocahontas, I had fun thinking that it was telling me something… 🙂 Today, it is with his help that I want to tell your stories, your couple!

Mégane and Fabien were the first to discover the adventurers portraits. What you will see is them, their history, their personalities, through the way I live and feel things. I took great pleasure in trusting myself, letting myself be who I am, accompanying them. Thank you again, and again to both of you!


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