Maternity Portraits Brittany – Family Session

Back to the past, for an afternoon in Brittany, with my talented colleagues, Cathy and Freddy! Feel free to visit their websites. In short…. This session goes back to 2017, the year during which I photographed loads of friends and fellow photographers, which is not an easy thing to do but so rewarding!

And what a pleasure to go down to Brittany to meet them and capture this moment in their lives that suited them so well. So glad we did three sessions in one, from their love as a couple at Pointe du Grouin, the portraits of the beautiful Cathy, and so BRAVE Cathy. Because it was cold, and there were some walkers around.

Then we went to Saint Malo, where we literally ran after the sunset. We believed we’ll catch it, and we were right, he gave us a hell of a show. Something to end up the session beautifully, in the company of their beloved  dogs.

Now, I hope to have the opportunity to see them again soon and to continue to discover Brittany with you!



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