Surprise Proposal at Mont Saint Michel

I’m used to capturing surprise proposal in Ireland, but thanks to Christopher and Priscilla, I was able to live this experience in France, and yet still in English. 🙂 Indeed, they both came from far away. Christopher took advantage of their trip to Paris, from Singapore, and planned an excursion to the Mont, to propose to his girlfriend.

I won’t count the number of messages that Christopher and I sent each other to prepare this great moment, the texting until the last minute with pictures of our respective looks and where we were. What a relief to see them approaching, to see her, so much in her bubble that I went unnoticed! Then we took a stroll through the streets of the Mont, or the art of making people believe that we were alone, when it was indeed overcrowded.

Thank you

I let you discover all this, and the emotion of the moment in pictures. I just want to thank Solveig for giving out my name. It is thanks to her that I was able to live this proposal at Mont Saint Michel, and these are always such intense moments! A lot of pressure, a lot of organization, but for the most beautiful thing I had to photograph.

And if you want to relive one in Ireland, it’s this way: engagement to Moher’s cliffs.



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