A Surprise Proposal in Ireland

Last July, I had a unique experience. For the first time in seven years as a wedding photographer, I witnessed a proposal in Ireland! Even better, I photographed it and helped DJ organize this great moment.
A few days before, I went to check the place out. We communicated by Skype, and via many emails for weeks. It takes time to find the right time, the right place, and the trick to keep it a surprise.
Dj and Veronica are Americans. And they met in a pub in California called “Dublin”. Dj  decided then to make his request during a trip to Ireland.

The day of the proposal

The lovers were more than an hour late. It is not easy to explain to your partner why you have to be at such a place and at such a time. While waiting for them, I accosted a group of Quebecers who were going to camp nearby. I explained the situation to them, and they agreed to sit there, not far from the place, by my side. And that I kept talking with them, in French, pretending to be part of the group, and a tourist. DJ spotted me thanks to a selfie sent shortly before. Already equipped, I waited for the big moment to get up and capture everything. Veronica didn’t realize anything until he introduced me. Starring at him from the start, I could have gone dancing next to them that she would not have seen anything but her man on his knees, a ring in his hand.

She cried, he laughed, I cried, we all hugged, Quebecers applauded. In short, a great moment! Then, we took the time to make some portraits in this magical place: the cliffs of Moher. Dj and Veronica are a very shy couple. So imagine how much they had to trust me to get into their bubble in one of Ireland’s most touristic places. So the most frequented.  Thanks to both of them for their trust. What a moment!


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