In need of a break today, and take you with me, in my suitcase. Or rather in my photo bag. In which I managed to put in a travel kit for 4 days in Ireland. 4 days to photograph an elopement, and a proposal. 4 days to breathe, 4 days to talk with Johanna (who kindly hosted me) about our job. And in the middle of it all, 1 day, dedicated to me and only to me. Walking to the city centre, getting out of my comfort zone and grabing my camera, eating a nice avocado dish alone, drinking tea with milk and sugar please, having blisters, but walking home anyway.

In short, to live, to enjoy, away from the every daily life.
Searching for frames, lines, colours, angles. And next time I will go further, and include more strangers and portraits in my travel memories.

Travel in Dublin City Centre

Have a good trip, everyone. A journey that starts in the suburbs of Dublin and ends in the city centre, that starts in grey and ends in grey. Yet a day that will remain engraved and that warmed my heart.
I have since returned to Ireland, and I am already checking the empty spots in my calendar to schedule my return…




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