28 September 2017

Women Portraits

Justine is one of the highlights of 2017. A real pleasure to get to know her during this session of portraits of Adventurers. She was the first to attempt the adventure of women portraits with this particular approach. Make you feel comfortable, discovering your weaknesses and strengths, and transform everything into a good time full of laughter and good mood, sometimes with strong emotions. For a result that both looks like you and at the same time will surprise you.

I am really proud to be there for you in all those moments, to put my empathy at your disposal. And to have such a good time. Since Justine has been one of my friends, and she has brought me a lot! Huge Kisses.

Kind Words

And I’ll leave you with her kind words:

“I just received my album and here is my feeling as I look through it. You took the pictures at a particular time in my life, to the point that many of these pictures reflect a different emotion. The satisfaction I have is that each emotion is sincere. And that even if I have my favorites, they’re all authentic.

Your approach  allowed me to be as natural as possible for the first time. I discover myself strong and full of life at a time when I didn’t think I was. You know how pleasant the session was for me. I thank you once again. The family session with my children some time later was also full of emotions and love. I look forward to being able to capture moments of life again through your lens.”


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